Sundance Film Festival Mental Health Support



Take a couple minutes to reconnect you to the present moment.

Body Scan

Scan your body to notice and/or release any sensations, pain, or tension.


Explore and connect with feelings of gratitude.

Journal Prompts

Triggering Events

Write down three to five things that trigger feelings of anxiety (or other overwhelming feelings) in you. Identify one to three coping strategies you can attempt to implement in response to these.

Safe Spaces

What are your safe spaces? Identify people and/or places you can show up as your most authentic self. What are the charateristics of your safe spaces? If you don’t have any, what can you do to start seeking safe spaces?


Think about advice you would give to someone going through a hard time. Write a letter to yourself with the same compassion you would use if it was your best friend or another person you love.