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The movement of Melanin and Mental Health® has been growing quickly and we know we can not do this alone. There are plenty of experts on the Black/Latinx experience in the community we are building and we want to feature you.

As Melanin and Mental Health® continues to expand, we want to create opportunities for to highlight more voices in our communities. So whether you are a Black/Latinx clinician, content creator, activist, or someone with a story to tell we want to know.

By submitting your articles, videos, or webinar ideas, you are helping us build a hub for Black/Latinx mental health. We are looking for content that speaks to Black/Latinx communities seeking answers regarding all areas of mental health as well as helping clinicians develop culturally sensitive, competent, and responsive practices and businesses.

Check out the answers to some common questions and if you are ready, submit a pitch by completing the Submission Form!


Frequently Asked Questions
Why Contribute?

Contributing to Melanin & Mental Health® not only helps Black/Latinx communities gain knowledge and inspiration around understanding or starting their mental health journey, it will also establish you as a thought leader/expert in the area of BIPOC mental health. 

Who can contribute?

Melanin and Mental Health®  is always looking for contributions from diverse voices. If you are a mental health professional, mental health expert, or have personal stories you’d like to share, we would love to put you in front of our audience.


What are the guidelines?
  • Fit within the Melanin and Mental Health® brand
  • Articles: 500- 1500 word count 
  • Video: at least 3 min with a 300 word written summary
  • Original Content Only
  • No self-promotion
What type of content can I submit?

Articles that answer common questions, share personal experiences, or express opinions on the current mental health system.

Video content sharing information about mental health in Black/Latinx communities. 

Webinars to educate clinicians of color on building busy practices, culturally competent businesses, or growing personally to have bigger impacts on our communities.

We are open to letting content creators do what they do (i.e. create dope content) so feel free to pitch any content you feel will resonate with Black/Latinx communities seeking information about mental health.

Will I be Compensated?

The short answer is YES! We are excited that as a small company we are able to show value to the community that wants to contribute to the knowledge of our audience. Once your content has been published to the website you will be compensated a flat rate of $50. For webinars, you will be paid a flat rate of $150.

What is the Submission Process?

Complete the submission form and we will get back to you in 2 weeks if we are interested in moving forward. We will then go through the draft/editing process. Once your content is published, the invoicing process will begin.

We Are Excited to See What You Create!

Let’s get started! We are ready to promote you and the amazing content you will create for our site. Highlighting the thought leaders in our community helps the Black/Latinx communities grow and heal together.

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