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Session 94: Coronavirus and Mental Health

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April 13, 2020 at 3:29 am

In your Twitter post from last year you mentioned that therapy is more than just talking but what if that’s what someone may want? I’m not a therapist but I keep thinking I wish there was just someone or some blog that was encouraging people to just have dialogue either one on one or in a group. Something where we can talk about being black and constantly dealing with the pandemic fallout now (i.e.: losing a 19 yr job at 55 yrs old, not being able to find some essentials to keep myself safe, constantly hearing about how we can support restaurants but trying to figure out how that translates in the black neighborhoods, etc) and the impending days to come after life restarts again (Trying to figure out what looking for a job at 55 will entail, what happens to my apartment, my car and being able to afford food let alone Healthcare while I’m trying to find a job, etc) I am interested in resources where I can maybe just have somewhere to talk things out or pose questions that are on my mind. Similar to any of the AA or gambling or any of the anonymous type meetings but online? If you know of a direction to point me that would be appreciated. I am in Chicago.

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