In this session, Eboni and Eliza are joined by Dr. Manuel X. Zamarripa. Dr. Manuel shared how therapy has been a part of Black and LatinX communities before it ever became mainstream. He also shared work that he is doing to promote culturally sensitive therapists.

Dr. Manuel’s Bio

Manuel X. Zamarripa is the director and co-founder of the Institute of Chicana/o Psychology based in Austin, TX where he conducts community workshop platicas as well as professional development training for educators and mental health professionals on issues related to Chicana/o/x wellness, cultural identity, and mental health from a Chicana/o/x framework. Manuel’s publications and presentations in psychology and education focus on Chicana/o/x well-being, racial responsiveness, cultural revitalization, social justice, and leadership.

Dr. Manuel’s favorite resources:
Multicultural/Multiracial Psychology: Mestizo Perspectives in Personality and Mental Health and Psychology of the Americas: Mestizo Perspectives on Personality and Mental Health both by Manual Ramirez III

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