The Marriage & Family Relationship Clinic

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About The Marriage & Family Clinic

Traditional therapeutic models fall under the rules of insurance companies who dictate the kind of therapy you receive and the amount of time per session. Not only has the Marriage Family Clinic abandoned traditional models of therapy for more practical life applications, we have also increased session times to two hours (140%) in order to accommodate the most challenging life situations our clients may face. This allows us to address the intricacies of complex life situations that require more time and attention which cannot be reconciled in a traditional 50 minute session. Whether online, in-person at our office, Tobacco Trail**, your address, or favorite restaurant/coffee shop, we hold sessions in different environments to give our clients variety in surroundings that are most comfortable, efficacious, and which stimulate different thought processes.

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    Q How much are your sessions?

    All my sessions are for a two hour duration for only $115.00 Let's do a 10 minute free video session to see if I can be of service to your relationship needs.

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