Rayvene Whatley, LPC, MAC Claimed

Have the Audacity to Be You

 You come across as self-possessed and confident, but the thing is, you know you really need some help. Being an everyday superhero isn’t as easy as it looks. It’s stressful, causes anxiety, and creates depression. You need skills to manage and better ways to cope. I understand the self-assured facade. I also know what it takes to break it. Come get to know the real you; the one buried under the expectations and obligations of others. Build self-compassion and increase your confidence with increased understanding of what you need, what you value, and how these desires effect your decision making.

I know that it is hard to say to someone else what is really going on. You don’t want a therapist to dig, but you kind of do want that too. I’ll provide you the space to say and get what you want while not being pulled off course by other opinions and influences.

By specializing in self-esteem & personal worth I help you succeed as the person you want to be. Schedule a free consultation to dicuss moving forward with your goals.

Virtual Sessions Available. LGBTQ ally. Substance Abuse (Drug & Alcohol) Evaluations available.