Natalia Torres del Valle, Expressive Arts Psychotherapy & Studio


As an expressive arts psychotherapist, I am passionate about helping children and adolescents find meaningful ways of communicating beyond words. I have a person-centered approach and believe children have the power within themselves to facilitate change. With unconditional positive regard and active listening, I support children and their families on their journey to wellness. In our sessions, we explore a range of art forms as well as verbal processing to gain deeper insight into the issues holding your child and family back from wholeness. I bring a holistic and strength-based approach that is unique to each individual and family. My goal is to create an empowering space where children are able to take risks and realize their potential.

I have a wide breadth of experience with particular emphasis on work with exceptional children and individuals struggling with eating disorders, anxiety, and depression.

Art is the most natural form of human communication and expression. This is evidenced by the fact that humans communicated with drawings, movement, and sound before words were invented. The arts create a safe space and help you express internalized experiences to help improve your quality of life, self-confidence, self-awareness, personal growth, and communication patterns. Often, we can hold our emotions in our bodies before we are ready to express them out loud. The arts foster an inclusive environment to play out and explore difficult feelings.

Experience in art is not necessary to benefit from expressive arts therapy. Sessions typically center on the process rather than the product.

I look forward to the possibilities that we can open together. 

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Q Do you offer sliding scale?

I see a limited number of clients through Open Path Collective ($30-$60 for 50 minutes of individual or family therapy). These sessions are for those who are uninsured or underinsured (there is no insurance reimbursement through Open Path). If you are interested in this, please check my profile page on the Open Path site to see if I have an opening and to find details on accessing their network of therapists offering sessions for their reduced fees.