Meridian Wellness Platform

Online Counseling for the Millennial Professional

Have you taken time to breathe today? If not, slow down. Searching for a therapist can be a daunting task.

For the young professional, it is easy to get caught in the rat race of life and work. In my practice, Meridian Wellness Platform, I specialize in supporting Millennials as they learn how to create a space that provides them with an opportunity to become the person they want to be by doing less. Less stressing. Less worrying. Less comparing.

MWP is a completely web based provider, offering optimal privacy and convenience to fit into your busy schedule. Although I am based out of Raleigh, I am able to offer support to residents all across NC due to the virtual nature of the practice.

Additional Details

  • 12151
  • English
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Culturally Sensitive, Dialectical (DBT), Humanistic, Integrative
  • Anxiety, Codependency, Coping Skills, Depression, Drug Abuse, Dual Diagnosis, Eating Disorders, Family Conflict, LGBTQ Issues, Life Transitions, Peer Relationships, Relationships, Stress, Women's Issues
  • Adults


Q Do you have any in-office hours?

Not at this time. We have chosen to be a completely web-based provider in an effort to provide more security and convenient options for our clients.

Q Why don't you take insurance?

There are a few different reason, the biggest being privacy and less restrictions. Insurance companies often require a diagnosis to determine the necessity of treatment and what they are willing to cover. It is our belief that you can benefit from therapy, even if you don't meet criteria for a mental health diagnosis. And, in the event that you, it is completely up to you who is privy to that information.