Kendall Davis, MFT-Cura Couples and Family Therapy Center


*Currently offering in-person and virtual sessions*

At some point in our lives, we’ve had to deal with the pain and difficulty of losing our voice. I don’t mean our physical voice, but losing the capability to speak up for ourselves. Have you ever experienced losing the ability to speak up for yourself or your needs and wants due to the fear of possible rejection or criticism? Or the fear that nothing will change or not being accepted for who you are? Have you ever lost yourself in the process of making the attempt to speak up for yourself? Do you want to find your voice again? Admitting some of these things is not easy. However, the honesty with yourself and the courage it took to seek guidance tells me that you’re willing to take responsibility to put the necessary work in for the emotional and mental change that you desire.

As a therapist, I prioritize the relationship between myself and the client making sure that I do my part to create a secure foundation to establish a sense of honesty, genuineness, and trust. My approach is one that encourages you to be your true and authentic self, while also challenging you to look beneath the surface to find your hidden strengths. I support client’s dealing with low self-esteem, depression, attachment injuries, co-parenting, healing, and relationship issues.

Your voice matters and “I hear you”. You deserve to be heard in an open and safe space where there is no room for judgement. I am a therapist who will accept you for who you are and will help facilitate your growth through honesty, transparency, and genuineness. Therapy is a challenging, yet rewarding process, and I will be with you every step of the way. Together we will work to find your voice again so that it will be heard just the way you want it to be.

*Currently under the supervision of Crystal Gillery, LMFT and Dawn Swiney, LMFT


Q Do you offer virtual sessions?

Yes. Our office is currently offering in-person sessions as well as virtual

Q Do you take insurance?

Unfortunately our office doesn't take insurance, only out of pocket payments.

Q Are you taking new clients?

Yes! I am currently taking new adults, adolescents 13+, couples, and families!

Q Which type of client's do you see?

I see adolescents 13+. adults of any age, couples (unmarried or married), and any type of family