Kandice Manciel, LCPC


It is my true belief that, with support, we are all capable of creating the change that we wish to see in our lives. Through a collaborative and strengths-based approach, I have helped my clients to do just that, by reaching their personal goals and gainer greater insight into their lives. My clinical experience thus far has exposed me to clients of vast cultures, socioeconomic statuses, racial/ethnic identities, and overall presenting issues. I utilize evidence-based approaches best suited for each client’s presenting issue(s), along with unconditional positive regard, in order to help facilitate growth.
My specialties include treatment of anxiety and depression. I also have several years of experience in treating clients that have suffered traumas. My experience also includes working with family systems and relationship-based challenges.
I am currently accepting new patients who are available to be seen via video or telephone platforms. I do not anticipate providing in-person therapy in the foreseeable future. I have openings on Tuesdays and Thursday evenings, beginning at 6pm (CST). I also have availability on Saturday mornings, beginning at 10am (CST). Please note: Mondays through Fridays from 9a-5p CST, I am able to respond quicker to contact via email at Kandice.manciel@gmail.com

Additional Details


    Q Will you be switching over to an in-person therapy format once it is deemed 'safe' to do so again?

    I do not have plans to return to this format. I intend to continue providing solely virtual services.

    Q In what states are you licensed to provide therapy services?

    I am currently licensed in the state of Illinois, meaning that I am able to provide therapy services to all residents of IL.