Houston Colibri Counseling, PLLC


My name is Erica Toskovich and I am a native Houstonian and of Latin descent. I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist practicing in the Houston area. I offer services in English and Spanish. My professional experience includes work with trauma, life transitions, life stressors and challenges, anxiety, and depression. I am also trained in Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART). 

Change can be an intimidating step to take, but I believe that everyone has what they need to make changes in their life. If you are faced with concerns that are affecting your quality of life, then I want to help you find the strengths you need to create the change you desire to have. I will work with you to identify those strengths and I will honor your experiences and follow the pace you set for therapy.

If you are ready to take the next step to make change or start your healing, please give me a call.


Q What is Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART)?

Accelerated Resolution Therapy is an eye-movement technique that is evidence-based for the treatment of trauma. Accelerated Resolution Therapy is designed for a therapist to guide you through processing specific events from the past that may still be troubling you.