Choosing Empowerment, LLC


As an African American female, I know my people and I know our struggles. I also know our strengths!! I believe in the power of choice! Every day we make choices. Some of these choices are not our best choices but we make them based upon our experiences, knowledge (or lack thereof), thoughts, and emotions. The mind is amazing and our thoughts have power.  My goal is to help people remove the barriers that impact their ability to utilize positive thought. While we cannot always choose what happens to us and/or around us, we do have the power to choose how we think, respond, react, and feel about it.

What is preventing you from getting the help you need? Embarrassment? Culture? Fear? Finances? Time? Transportation? Trying to handle it all on your own? Pride? Religion? My mission is to help those who find it difficult to seek help. One of my goals is to serve the chronically underserved and remove the barriers that prevent people from seeking treatment. How can I help you?


Q Do you accept insurance?

Yes, We currently accept Superior Healthplan, United/Optum, Cigna, and Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Q Do you offer low cost therapy based on income/ability to pay?

Yes. If finances are a barrier to getting treatment, let's talk about it and work out a plan that fits your budget.

Q Do you offer teletherapy?

We believe in breaking barriers! Offering teletherapy to people in Louisiana and Texas without walls breaks the location barrier, time barrier, transportation barrier and helps with stigma.

Q What populations do you serve?

We welcome children starting at 5 years old, pre-teens and adolescents, young adults, seasoned adults, and mature adults.

We are LGBTQ+ allies, kink-friendly, sex-positive, and specialize in the African American Community.

Q What conditions or issues do you treat?

Bipolar Disorder
Relationship/Marital issues
Parent-child issues
Cultural issues
Self Esteem
Domestic Violence
Anger Management
Foster/Adoption issues
ADHD- child and adult
Coping Skills
Women's issues