Antonia P. Montoya, LMSW, CHES


Antonia P. Montoya, LMSW, CHES, is a mental health therapist who specializes in walking alongside clients through grief, loss, addiction, and challenging life transitions. She supports her clients in the exploration and reconnection with themselves, while teaching new practices for creating the change they seek in their lives. As a queer woman of color from Albuquerque, she has been a lifelong student of the traditional healing practices of her ancestors. She is committed to supporting her clients in their work while understanding the importance of continuing her work on herself. Antonia is experienced working with the many diverse communities of New Mexico; Black, Native, Latino, Trans/NB, and LGBTQ, understanding they are the expert on their lived experience. If you find yourself in a place of pain, suffering or just ready to be accompanied through your process of healing or growth, and are ready to be accompanied through your process of healing, she is available for a free phone consultation.