Alessandra Santos Pye, MA, LPC


My work as a therapist highlights a self-awareness journey that is centered in sustained wellness. My practice reinforces a wholesome approach to mental health that takes into account each client’s unique needs and stage of life. Typically, my clients struggle with anxiety, depression, intimate relationship issues, parenting concerns, and many forms of trauma.
The majority of my recent work has involved clients whose mental health is impacted by systems of oppression. The current political/social climate demands that all mental health professionals develop deep attunement to the unique needs of individuals who identify themselves as belonging to marginalized groups or communities.
Sessions include needs assessment, goal setting and a nurturing, safe space for processing and working through life’s transitions and unexpected challenges. Family/Couple Therapy theory, insight-oriented cognitive re-structuring and the use of strategic behavioral techniques are blended with complimentary practices of meditation, yoga & expressive arts.