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We are excited about raising mental health awareness while changing the perception of psychotherapy. We’re so honored to be able to connect potential clients with clinicians who are committed to serving the unique needs of our communities.



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"When I learned of Melanin & Mental Health's existence through the happy hours and Instagram posts, I was immediately impressed that Eliza and Eboni had assembled such a platform for local therapists of colour to congregate, advertise, and have a little fun in the process. So when I decided to re-open my private practice, the directory was a non-brainer. I have been listed at this point for over a year and love the fact that this site and its directory exist for clients to be able to find therapists who look like them and 'speak their language.' "

Vaughn P. O'Neal, LCSW-S

CentrePath Counseling, PLLC

"I discovered Melanin and Mental Health about a year ago when I first started my private practice. What sparked my interest is the focus on promoting therapy to POC. I feel that it is important to promote mental health in this community because there are many stereotypes and misconceptions about therapy. A lot of POC feel that getting help from a mental health professional is a sign of weakness and I love being apart of a movement that is changing the narrative.  "

Suzanne Taluy, LCSW, CCTP

Embrace Psychotherapy

"My smile grows bigger when a referral comes through from melanin and mental health as it lets me know the intentionality of the seeker. On this occasion, my black skin is embraced and desired."

LaShasta Bell, LPC-S

I Choose Me Counseling, LLC

"Being listed has been a positive experience given that I know I'm part of a community focused on providing access to mental health for people of color."

Aaron Skinner-Spain

NYC Affirmative Psychotherapy

"Being Listed in the Melanin and Mental Health directory has awarded me an opportunity to service individuals that look just like me, and help remove the stigma attached to seeking Mental Health Support."

Glenda Demas, LPC, ACTP

Pearls of Change Wellness, LLC