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Do you want to experience more passion & intimacy in your relationship? Are you having difficulty trusting? Contemplating divorce or separation? Are you having a hard time showing up as your authentic self in your relationships? Do you keep attracting the same partner in a different package? I specialize in Couples, Sex, and Relationship Therapy. Using a Trauma Conscious Systems-Based Therapy, I will assist you in identifying your LOVE BLUEPRINT & tools necessary to show up in your relationship from the BEST in YOU!
I use a Systems-Based approach that is warm and supportive assisting individuals and couples in “holding onto self” while maintaining relationships with others. Sessions are geared to assist in affirming strengths of the relationship, address negative cycle patterns, and enhance your emotional, physical, and sexual closeness through your personal integrity.
The ability to live in personal integrity is key to a fulfilling and long-lasting relationship. So often couples make the mistake of committing (from the weakest parts of them) before connecting (from the strongest parts of themselves). I will assist you in dismantling the dysfunctional patterns that keep you disconnected from yourself & the ones you love.

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