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Are you struggling with self-image? Were you reared in a culture of degradation as opposed to one of exhortation, and as a result grapple with self value? Hello, by way of introduction I’m Jerisha LaCrae. I too came from an environment that seemed to take more than it gave, yet with skills developed in a CACREP accredited program dedicated to social justice and multiculturalism, I believe over time, I can assist you in gleaning a corrective emotional experience.
As it relates to time, we know it doesn’t heal wounds. In fact it can make them worse, embedding pain into the fundamental narrative we tell ourselves about who we are and who we can be. As a relational-cultural therapist I am skilled in culturally competent modalities that, when used collaboratively, can disrupt this problematic cycle.
With this in mind, I am here to service your needs for counseling as well as licensure supervision. I can be reached via email or by visiting my website.

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