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This hasn’t been the pregnancy or mom life you imagined, not quite like the “perfection” on Instagram. You’re worried and getting worried about the worry. Others around you are squealing in excitement for your new life and you’d rather just stay in bed. Feeling like a ‘bad mom?’ Experiencing pregnancy complications? I understand this all too well as I had my own complicated pregnancy, requiring hospital bed rest.

I know you’re just ready to feel connected to yourself again. Let me take you on a journey towards more peace and minimal stress. Allow me to give you the tools to find your stability & focus on your mental wellness. I’m here to provide you the safety net for a smooth transition from pregnancy, delivery, to motherhood.

I’ve served in the mental health field for over 13 years. I provided counseling to mothers for the past five years, treating them for stress, anxiety, and depression. I am trained in pregnant and postpartum mental health.  I have an online therapy practice and I serve Florida & Georgia, statewide. Email me to schedule your free consultation. 

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