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Hi! My name is Kira Ruben and I am licensed clinical social worker. I have 10 years of social work experience working with diverse clients, from at risk youth with limited resources to young adults transiting into adulthood, to adult men rehabilitating from prison to elderly individuals struggling with end of life issues. I utilize an array of treatment modalities when working with my clients, from DBT to mentalization. I consider my treatment approach to be a coupling of both tough but compassionate to aide my clients in leading the life they define for themselves. In Robert Egger’s book Begging for Change, he states that “life conspires to steal your joy, so you must conspire to keep it.” The nature of life is that both bad and good will happen to us. Sometimes, it is a consequence of our own decisions and other times, an unfortunate event completely out of our control. These things can sometimes cause us to lose ourselves, our sense of joy, our sense of self, our sense of peace. My hope is to provide you with the tools and perspective to know that even when you FEEL there is nothing but darkness, loneliness and hopelessness, you do possess the power to strive for, obtain and maintain serenity through it all. Why do I highlight FEEL? Because feelings are not facts! If you would like to know more about what that means, please reach out. It all begins with the courage of having a conversation. Rather you are struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma, relationship struggles or just being you- I believe I can help you on your journey to life you want to live. Thank you. Be well! 

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