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As a former gifted student with a twice exceptional (2e) gifted partner, and other loved ones who have learning differences, I acknowledge and see strength in the different ways we each process and learn information. This is crucial to helping someone grow. Not everyone learns or thinks the same. I have heightened sensitivity to specific stimulation, and consider myself a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), as well as someone who thinks divergently (ADHD). Having lived experience as an outlier helps me understand what is potentially unspoken in a fellow outlier’s story.

This is my 10th year exploring or using Myers Briggs cognitive functions to understand personality and self improvement. For the third year, I am a Quora Top Writer for my personality type (ENFP). Understanding or identifying a person’s typology or personality can help guide facilitation of personal change and growth. Sometimes it takes an outsider to reflect what you already have, but cannot see.

I’ve worked in community mental health, public (internship) and private education in school counseling positions for the past seven years. As a therapy-informed coach, I can help identify appropriate care or options related to behavioral health needs. Through these years and trainings, and my engagement in therapist groups online and in-person, I’ve noticed there are different levels of need for people looking for help. I believe in community support, and am an active member of the online mental health community. I think it is important to educate and inform consumers of what is available in terms of access to mental health services. This includes: hotlines, websites, shelters, finding a therapist, low-cost directories, victims of crime services, and advocating for oneself as a client in therapy.

Fun Facts:

  • I love gardening, unicorns, fairies, jellyfish and chickens. And fur/animal babies of all kinds!

  • I collect fidgets and sensory objects, like crystals, dice, squishy toys and kinetic sand.

  • I am an auntie to several children and one puppy named Ollie.

  • I am a new puppy mom! Her name is YipYip and I am completely in love. 🙂

  • I think art is a great tool for controlled chaos.

  • Batman is my hero.

  • NARUTO is my favorite anime. FAVORITE.

  • I read parts of many books at once. Right now I probably have 3 comics and 5 novels I’m working on. Many times I don’t finish them!

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