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I am a bilingual Spanish and English immigrant therapist.  I know how difficult it is to live in the United States with different backgrounds and values, ​​and the challenges and sacrifices that come with starting a relationship and raising a family here. 
If you are: 
• trying to find who you are in this country
• struggling with the cultural differences
• having difficulties managing your kids and their new influences
• fighting with your parents because they don’t understand you 
• tired of trying to explain your reality 
• looking for a therapist that understands your problems, background, and culture
• needing a Spanish speaking therapist
You don’t need to look further!
have been in the psychotherapy field since 2008.  My multiple postgraduate degrees and professional experiences with different cultures lead me to always look for creative ways to integrate differences and make change happen at any level.
I am less interested in finding labels, and more interested in creating a collaborative space where I can understand your struggles, and help you to develop your own internal resources and capabilities so they emerge as new skills and better strategies. This means that I make consistent efforts to meet you where you are in your journey and accompany you in your unique process of self-discovery and realization.

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