Marquita Johnson, MDiv.,LPC,NCC,DCC

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Do you wish you could just jump through time and reach another stage of life? When you’re experiencing a difficult stage, you may want extra help. I’d like to be the person to help you. I invite you to read about my counseling and coaching services, then contact me. After all, receiving “extra help” when you need it can make a big difference.

I approach counseling as a process of revealing more of yourself to yourself. In life there are events that leave us feeling lost, disconnected, and hopeless. Have you noticed that you are experiencing these symptoms? Feeling disappointed, stuck, hurt, or confused? I invite you on a journey of discovery, meaning, and purpose. I focus on creating an atmosphere for healing to take place. Wholeness can be achieved when you are true to yourself. Invest in yourself because the reward is priceless.

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