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I help people process through their needs and emotional distress that have come about due to dynamic layers of intersectionality. 

I started my journey of providing therapeutic support to individuals as a personal need to help others heal through their own struggles. Incorporating art and psychotherapy have been an integral part to making my career the right fit for me. Providing you therapy in the forms of Art Therapy, EMDR, and verbal counseling while incorporating sensitive humor helps to clear out what your mind, body, and spirit have been holding onto for so long.

As a Spanish-speaking Latino member of the LGBTQIA+, I recognize that each of our experiences is different and impacts each of us in very different forms. I welcome individuals into a safe space to educate me on their experience and tap into the root of where they have felt pain and difference which has impacted their core belief systems. I look forward to witnessing your journey in discovering a new sense of self!

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