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Evolvinu is an online counseling private practice for individuals, couples, and families that promotes transformational growth towards positive change. Utilizing various wellness-based counseling techniques focused on Trauma, Anxiety, and Family dynamics, Evolvinu aims to assist individuals and families in becoming a healthier version of themselves.
Our emphasis is encouraging clients to become “selfull”. Whether a helping professional or a college student, all persons experience burnout and feeling lost at some point in their life. The “selfull” concept was derived from our founder who believes that balance comes from “being able to give of self without losing oneself”. This process entails reflection, authenticity, and the breaking of multigenerational patterns.
It’s time to embrace your metamorphosis and evolve into a new you.
Our Mission
To encourage mental, emotional, and spiritual growth within a safe environment of compassion, support, and love.
Services Provided:
  • Online Therapy
    • Trauma Indecent Reduction
    • Mental Health Counseling
    • Couple’s Therapy
    • Emotional Growth and Wellness
  • Psychoeducational Presentations
  • Wellness and Trauma-Informed Workshops

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