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I understand that opening up and talking about the difficult things and sometimes the not so difficult things can be intimidating. Holding in your feelings and keeping secrets has been your thing but it’s not working for you any longer. You’ve been pretending to be “fine” but inside the pieces are falling apart. I am not just any therapist, I am that therapist. That therapist that will offer you the space to break down and fall apart as we work together to put the pieces back together. We will laugh at life nuances while I am a holding space for your pain through healing and joy through becoming your real true self. 

I help independent ambitious individuals, ages 25+, who secretly struggle with feeling alone, unloved, overwhelmed, and unseen. I provide a place they can trust and feel safe in falling apart as they acknowledge these feelings. Together we uncover past hidden feelings and hurts so that they learn how to change their negative patterns and thoughts into positive, self-loving, strong beliefs. They leave living up to their outside persona in their true self, confidently without hiding.

I help couples who have found themselves drifting apart from each other, while becoming more and more disconnected. By identifying individual conflicts each bring to the relationship that causes confusing issues, they are able to recognize how the relationship started to decline and learn how to dissolve conflicting communication and rebuild a friendship through understanding and respect. They leave feeling a deeper connection and bond for each other with increased confidence, security and intimacy.

I help independent achieving teens and young adults, ages 16-24, struggling with low self-confidence, low self-esteem, and feeling overwhelmed as they prepare to launch into a progressing phase of life. By acknowledging these feelings and fears of the future, together we will explore their negative inner critic, and they will learn to tap into their strengths that’s gotten them this far. They leave confident, capable, and together, feeling good about their choices and loving themselves through the process.

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