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Eirene simply means peace and reconciliation within yourself and with other people. How is your relationship with yourself? What about with other people? When those relationships are unbalanced it can look like repeating the same dysfunctional patterns no matter how hard you try. It can feel like you are stuck, unmotivated, frustrated and don’t have the energy to make the changes you desire or not being sure of what changes you need to make to live a fuller, more complete life. You may also feel overwhelmed, anxiety filled, doubt in yourself and your abilities, anger/irritation, and setting impossible goals for yourself.

Therapy is the place to start addressing your needs. I treat adolescents (age 15 and up), college students, adults and older adults struggling with issues such as adjustment disorder, anxiety disorders, mood disorders, grief/loss, low self-esteem, codependency/boundary issues, identity development/adjustment for 1st and 2nd generation Americans, imposter syndrome. I also treat families struggling with issues such as persistent conflict, parenting concerns, behavioral issues, communication skills, parent-child attachment issues, generational patterns/concerns. 

You deserve to be seen and heard. My counseling style is trauma informed, culturally humble eclectic approach of evidence-based theories such as SBFT, CBT, DBT, Narrative Therapy, Person-Centered Therapy, Structural Family Therapy as well as creative expression to assist clients in reaching their goals. I believe in empowering each individual and family in uncovering their strengths, improving their ability to face life’s challenges, and enacting positive change in their lives.

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