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We empower our clients through Individual and Family therapy, as well as a male mentoring component that focuses on African American males and the multiple challenges they encounter. We focus on building clients’ self-esteem,  understand trauma, and their impact on daily living, learn effective communication skills. We are an engaging, empowering, and educated group of therapist that are all African American. 

  • Provide information, tools, and skill-building to help clients reach desired goals
  • Help improve coping skills related to major life changes/events
  • Confront issues associated with childhood trauma such as physical and sexual abuse, alcoholism, divorce, and domestic violence
  • Achieve personal growth and greater self-knowledge
  • Develop healthy boundaries
  • Deal with grief, loss, loneliness, feelings of depression, despair, anxiety, and stress
  • Improve family relationships and communication patterns
  • Address feelings of abandonment, shame, and unworthiness

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