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“No!” “Mine!” “Leave me alone!” “I don’t want it!” Screaming, yelling. You hear this when raising a young child. You know that some is okay; they are learning and growing.However, is all of it age appropriate? Their yelling is constant, their behavior is out of control, they are not following directions and their mood does not seem right. You feel frustrated, overwhelmed, concerned and nothing you do makes it better. You have tried disciplining them, talking to them and used every tool you know but nothing has worked. You need help. There is something deeper going on.

I help parents address with these issues by working with their children to manage their emotions and learn to express themselves in positive ways. As a therapist, I help children overcome negative experiences, build coping skills, and help the family confidently rebuild/repair the strain in the family unit.

Take the first step in tackling the reasons for the tantrums, the screaming, the feelings of being overwhelmed and lost when dealing with your child’s behavior. Call me today to schedule an appointment and start on your path of restoring harmony in your home.

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