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Everyone can benefit from therapy. How often in your day to day do you have an hour where you’re fully seen, heard, and encouraged? That’s what therapy should provide. Too often therapy is misrepresented and clients stigmatized as weak or ill when, in fact, the strongest thing you can do is seek help. Let me help you through your darkest of times or your day to day concerns. There is no issue too big or too small to conquer.

I believe everyone has the capacity for self-healing and change and that my role as a counselor is to support clients on their journey towards healing. I’m passionate about helping others through the daily challenges of life and trauma. As a black queer Liberian-American woman I draw from my personal cultural background to encourage clients to embrace and reconcile their own identities and experiences as they heal.

More than anything, I am honored to hold space with you during this process of unlearning and unboxing maladaptive beliefs, behaviors, and coping mechanisms.

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