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Tell your potential clients who you are and how you can help. Let them know why you are a dope therapist that understands the needs of minority communities.

At Changing the Narrative Counseling and Consulting PLLC, we aim to support every individual in achieving optimum mental health. Through our Telehealth services,  we offer you a safe environment to explore your life – past, present, and future. You will be assisted in working through trauma as well as provided with the necessary tools to enhance various skills. Together, we can empower you to step up and take charge of your mental health, and thereby your life.

Verline Gaddis is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Illinois. Having completed her graduation in Social Work from Aurora University, she moved on to complete her Masters in Social Work from Loyola University, Chicago.

She has more than 15 years of experience working in schools. Verline has also worked in home-based and child-welfare settings. To add on to her professional skills, she is also a Certified Alcohol Drug Counselor, a Certified Anger Management Specialist, as well as a Certified Zumba Instructor.

With the growing number of counselling and consultation services available, why us?

Answering your question, we say counselling is not just about the qualifications of the professional. At Changing the Narrative Counseling and Consulting PLLC, we specialize in providing Telehealth for minority groups. Here, we recognize the importance of your family. We put your values and beliefs first and customize our services to match your needs. With us you are applauded for putting your mental health first, you are applauded for seeking therapy, and most importantly we applaud your efforts to break the stigma!

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