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To say that it’s hard navigating what’s happening in the world now is a huge understatement. You want the best possible education and experiences for your child, but the best could mean putting them in situations that expose them to racist and or classist ideas and exclusion early on. The reality is that this can be confusing for your child. Young people may not have the words and tools to deal with bullies, racism, colorism, and the impact it will have on their day to day images of themselves. They may not even believe that this is the cause of their worries. 

Being the only or one of few is hard! I help kids and teens work through their anxiety and feelings of being singled out, excluded, or stereotyped. I help teach safe and helpful coping skills to navigate situations where they feel their skin, hair, or background is being called out. I can give them the tools to boost and maintain self esteem and create a sense of belonging. They can learn how to find support in their environment while loving themselves and their heritage. 

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