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You love your kid – there is no denying that. This parenting thing has its moments though. You constantly get calls from your child’s school, which is overwhelming in it of itself. You’re doing your absolute best, but sometimes it’s as though no matter what you do, things result in tears and screams – sometimes it’s your kid, sometimes it’s you. You know your child has so much to offer. You just wish you understood them more so that you wouldn’t feel ineffective as a parent or so that the school could see the great kid you see.
As a former teacher, educator, licensed counselor and mom, I understand the demands and challenges kids, parents and educators face daily. Through my services participants learn more about mindful living and themselves, which leads them to grow and inspire others to do the same. A mix of play therapy, literature, art and games are used with all involved.
I’m passionate about helping kids become emotionally healthy through a focus on mindfulness and am dedicated to helping adults learn ways to strengthen relationships with their kids. I want your child to enjoy their childhood and have the skills to express themselves to be better understood. Looking forward to meeting you! Always, Free to Be Mindful!


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