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Zeahlot Lopez is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Licensed Cosmetologist helping humans rebuild their spirit. Guided by her intuition, clinical training, life experiences, and some luck she currently helps individuals and families lead a happier life! Aside from providing mental health services to better the lives of her clients, she enjoys providing coaching services to entrepreneurs and those looking to increase their emotional intelligence. She enjoys comedy, singing in her shower, and cooking new dishes. Recently she was featured on the television network Univison, speaking on challenges associated with Mental Health. As a Latina Female that is first generation American, I found it difficult to introduce the idea of therapy to my family not only as my career, but also as a solution to our family conflict. Both my parents are Mexican and raised me to think that therapy was only for, "Los Locos" or "The weak." Naturally, as a woman of color I craved to better understand my self and how my family impacted my personal growth. For this reason, I decided to further my education in Psychology to work with Spanish Speaking cleints in therapy. I feel honored that I also had the opportunity to provide my services to Latino clients to better communities of color. Currently, I work in private practice as an entrepreneur. Until I become a mother and wife, my passion and purpose is to work with communities who are under served and help educate indiviudals on the importance of mental health.


4400 Coldwater Canyon Ave. Suite 135, Studio City, Ca 91604



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