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So after days, weeks, or months of searching for "the right therapist" you found me. I know it is a frustrating process. I'm not going to spend too much time talking about me or my credentials. I would like instead to tell you what type of therapist I am. Hopefully this will help you to decide if I'm the right therapist for you. It really isn't about me. It's about what you need to live your best life. I am the type of therapist who works best with a client who really want to make changes in her life. You will come into your first session ready to put in the work. You are tired of doing the same old things and not getting the results that you desire. You understand that I cannot change your life for you. I do not have a magic wand that I can wave and make your life the way you would like for it to be in an instant. I work best with clients who don't get easily offended if they are challenged and appreciate a therapist who is straightforward. I'm not a very passive therapist. I do not sit quietly nodding my head and saying, "I see. What do you think about that?". I work along side you engaging in active conversation. When you successfully complete therapy, I want you to walk away with a good understanding of what brought to therapy in the first place and tools to help you to make lasting changes in your life. I want to be the kind of therapist that I would want to go to. I received my Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. I graduated from the Joint Master of Social Work (JMSW) Program, between NC A&T State University and the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, with a Master of Social Work (MSW) degree. This was an advanced generalist program that is accredited by the Council for Social Work Education (CSWE). I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (License #C005920), which enables me to practice psychotherapy independently in the state of North Carolina. I began my therapy journey working in community mental health. I quickly learned that I enjoyed working with women and addressing issues specific to women. My continuous training has always been focused on effective treatments for women. I am also a Telebehavioral Health Institute (TBHI) Certified Telebehavioral Health Professional (https://telehealth.org/certified). This was a rigorous year long certification program.


508 Wildwood Lane



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