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380 Lexington Avenue 17th Floor New York, NY 10168

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Rebecca integrates mindfulness practices and the creative expressive arts techniques into talk therapy to assist the needs of clients. With her understanding that talking may not always be comfortable for some, Rebecca uses other forms of expression such as drawing, writing or movement to communicate and explore feelings and concepts. This can look and feel different for each person. Traditional talk therapies generally tend to focus on the mind or our thoughts. The holistic approach that Rebecca takes brings attention to the body as well, allowing for an understanding of the mind-body connection. Through the development of body awareness, Rebecca educates her clients on how their emotions may sometimes be reflected through physical symptoms, often called psychosomatic symptoms. Rebecca guides clients in reconnecting with their bodies, often using the process of “embodiment,” a multilayered awareness of your body and how you connect to or relate to the world around you. This framework, as well as the creative expressive arts can especially be useful for clients working through issues related to trauma, body image and disordered eating. A healthy relationship with food and our bodies is important. Rebecca provides guidance on eating intuitively and what body positivity can look like. She works from the Health at Every Size (HAES) perspective and educates clients on the roles society can play in disordered eating and self esteem. Rebecca provides a safe, welcoming and nonjudgemental environment where clients are free to express themselves. Her office is conveniently located near Grand Central. She looks forward to meeting you!


380 Lexington Avenue 17th Floor New York, NY 10168


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