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Life transitions can feel like a complete loss of your identity. On top of this, you can lose yourself nurturing others, having little energy to nurture yourself. This is exhausting and can leave you caught in between all-or-nothing. You can tend to worry and have anxiety (or even panic attacks), trying to be someone you feel you have to be rather than who you choose to be. Fear may have a lot of control over you and it's important to get support overcoming what you're tired of or can't understand--so you get more clarity, peace, and joy from your life. The problems I best support are: Fearful thinking, Anxiety, Drained energy (from trying to please others), Chronic worrying (over losing those you're trying to please), Anger/hate (over feeling under the control of what others think and feel about you), Deep dissatisfaction (with the mask you've put up to appear perfect), and Panic attacks. I apply all of the above work to individuals, couples seeking premarital or marriage counseling and I have specific tools for the mother-daughter relationship. Make a complimentary consultation call at 718.310.0369. Or check out the website for more details: https://www.allomothering.org/allomothering-therapy-services/. Or email: info@allomothering.org.


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