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I am Maria Trimble, a licensed therapist in the states of Wisconsin, Florida, and Hawaii. I provide online psychotherapy services to teenagers, adults, families, adult adoptees, and foster care community. My counseling style is psychodynamic and most importantly person centered. I will not judge you or dismiss your feelings. I respect your thoughts, choices and lifestyle and I believe you have the power to change. I believe therapy is not only for when there is a “problem.” Therapy can be a place where one can grow. Acknowledging that sometimes we all need a little help on our life journey is a strength. Therapy is a place to explore who you are and discover your purpose. I’ve worked with people who struggle with depression, anxiety, substance abuse, alcohol abuse, loss and grief, the lgbtq+ community and those struggling with their relationships with their parents and caregivers. As a transracial, international adoptee I know their are a lack of resources for the adoptee community. I provide adoption competent services to all members in the kinship network. I am especially excited to offer low cost group therapy for adoptees that may not be able to pay out of pocket for individual counseling services. My approach stems from my many years working in the community and schools. I often work with those who are skeptical of change and are not sure "how to change." I help with normalizing the mental health process. It can often be scary to think of a huge change, I aim to make wellness easy, approachable and fun! I understand change is hard, you do not have do it alone. Call or email me for a free 15 minute consultation.


2221 South Webster Ave



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