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LaTranette Mannor

4100 W Kennedy Blvd Tampa, Fl 33609

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Are you feeling down more often than not? Do you feel like you’re unworthy and not as important as others? Feeling like you just want to be alone and away from your peers/family? I am LaTranette Mannor, LMHC here to assist you in adjusting to the challenges you feel are coming your way. Feeling down, unworthy and just having trouble adjusting doesn’t mean that you're weak or strange. We all deal with troubles at some point in life and it’s important to seek out the help that’s available. I pride myself on being a mindfulness based cognitive behavioral therapist using a strength based approach to assist my clients in accomplishing their goals and finding their happiness again. I can assist you in coping with trauma, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem/confidence, attachment issues/concerns, and achieving the personal growth you desire. I have been providing therapy for the last 5+ years to adults, children and adolescents through individual and group sessions. To gain a better understanding of your mental health needs and support coping with daily life struggles allow me to assist you in beginning the process of living your best life. Late evening (M-F) and Saturday appointments available.


4100 W Kennedy Blvd Tampa, Fl 33609



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