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So, you’re thinking of going to therapy, but you feel overwhelmed by the choices and unsure how to pick a therapist. You’re suck in a rut and need help climbing your way out, but the idea of talking to a stranger about your problems and run the risk of having them judge you is intimidating.     I COMPELTLY UNDERSTAND!!   I’m Jackey R. Washington, a national certified mental health health therapist.  If you allow me, I will help you, and/or your child build your self-awareness, identify options you may not already see, and provide you a safe space and process in order to grow and heal.   My approach to therapy is client-centered – you decide what you need out of therapy (i.e. your goals) and I help facilitate the process for you.     Common topics I address include: Anxiety PTSD Depression ADHD  Sexual Trauma Self-Care Behavioral Issues Parenting    If you’re ready to begin healing & would like for me to lend my support then call me today for a free 15 minute consultation. I’m ready if you are!   I am available for community-based, in-home, and office-based therapy. I am only able to take KY Medicaid, cash payments, PayPal, and Cash App at this time.




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