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We are living in desperate and uncertain times. Most of us have never experienced anything like what we’re going through right now. You may have already been living with financial stress, health issues, or perhaps relationship complications. On top of those things, now there’s this unexplained virus that’s holding us all hostage. That’s a lot for any one person to try to unpack on their own. If you want to talk about this and how it’s impacting your life, or the other stresses you were already carrying, contact me today. I offer affordable virtual sessions weekdays, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and on Saturdays. I provide a judgment free zone and serve women over 21 and couples. My focus is women’s issues, relationships, self-esteem, improving communication, parenting skills, and developing goals that are actually attainable. You are not alone; let’s talk and find ways for you to eliminate some of that stress you’re dealing with. No matter where you live in North Carolina or Virginia, I can assist you. Don’t wait; contact me today.




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