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Bhuttu Mathews

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Each person experiences mental distress uniquely. My role is first to partner with my clients to ensure their safety in our shared space, create a bond of trust, and then dive into problems and solutions. Whether one experiences identity- or event-based problems and whether those are caused by individual development or social conditions, I strongly believe in the innate ability of trusting partnerships to overcome the troubles in our lives. If I'm not the right therapist for a person, I will work hard to keep them safe until they decide how to move forward. Be assured that your scars are honored in therapy with me! I partner with clients in a nonjudgmental, accessible space, and use psychodynamic and humanistic therapy. My training has been in peer-led and clinical settings. I have worked at a crisis center, a community agency and a college-based clinic, and studied Clinical Psychology in a program that centers the needs of the client -- all in line with my own values. Peer support combined with therapy is the strongest model, in my opinion, of recovery. It is for this reason that I proudly affirm my own journey in therapy - it's why I chose this profession. I live with invisible disabilities and have experienced interpersonal and social trauma. However, I also processed them with help from others. I offer you the same.


110 Main Street


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