Veronica Benitez

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I understand that in life we are often confronted with varying challenges, disappointments, fears and more. I want to help you face and overcome the challenges that are preventing you from reaching your fullest potential. In my experience once we begin to understand the effects of our thoughts and behaviors we can begin to grow. Through establishing your foundation and understanding your core values and beliefs we will be able to work together to achieve your ideal self. I believe we are all a continuous work in progress and at times need guidance reaching our goals or understanding aspects of our life. We will work together to improve the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual parts of your life. My desire is for clients to live a fulfilling and happy life. “Thrive and blossom” I am a bilingual (English/Spanish) counselor. I have experience working with individuals, groups, couples and families. Along with 7-years of experience counseling, advising, and mentoring adolescents and adults in a community college setting. I look forward to getting to work with you and helping you achieve your goals and feel whole.


1115 Gemini St Suite 200 Houston, TX 77058



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