Melanin & Mental Health

Committed to raising mental health awareness within minority communities.


Everything you need to know about mental health and communities of color.

Let Us Take The Lead: #BlackWomen Should Always Be Trending

Black women done did it again! Tuesday, December 12 is the day that Doug Jones defeated Roy Moore in the Alabama election for the Senate seat. For Sparknotes, Roy Moore has been accused of child molestation and sexual assault and…

What One Divorce, Two Baby Daddies, & Three Kids Taught Me About Myself

At 17, I was one of those girls who walked the stage at high school graduation with a baby bump. I was in love with a sweet-talking, motorcycle riding, salsa dancing, soccer player. Oh, he was the man of my…

11 Brilliant Ways Therapists Control Their Holiday Stress

Take some tips from the pros.

Hand Picked Events

List of most interesting things happening. Check whats going on in your city.

Counseling Persons with Disabilty

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Trauma-Informed Yoga Classes

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The Basics of Immigration Evaluations

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